Walk with your dog. Exercise is the best treat.

Girl walking a dog in the park
“Keep calm and walk with your dog.”

Did you know there are 3.8 million over weight or obese pet dogs in the UK? The number isn’t that surprising when knowing 61.7 % of adults in England are either obese or over weight. We walk hand in paw with our dog. It’s not a long shot to say if you’re not getting enough exercise, neither is your beloved pet. Your pet dog may have a nice garden to play at or even a nice fenced yard where they can run around. But is that enough?

Getting that leash out, kicking your sneakers on and heading out for a nice jog may be an easy task when it’s +20C outside and the sun is keeping you both nice and warm. But what about those rainy and dark nights? When the sofa has never looked more tempting and there just happens to be a new reality show on telly tonight? Or maybe your pooch is not too keen on getting his paws soaked and he’d rather dive under theĀ  blankets? “Come on – what does one night of relaxation and cookies matter?” Absolutely nothing wrong with that! Munch away and take a nap next to your fluffy friend. We all need that precious down time. But what if every night turns out to be a cookie night?

Aptus pet products is challenging you and your dog to be more active. We love all dogs and pets – from agility dogs to couch potatos. We don’t care what you look like. We don’t care if you run, walk or roll down the hill. We don’t care if your choice of activity is agility, dancing, jumping around like a maniacs, hiking, fetch, running, chasing rabbits on fields… What do we care about? Your health. Your dog’s health. That you two are happy and active – by your own rules!